Helping University Students To Spread Their Creative Industry Projects And Get Their Talent Seen.

The creative media world can be difficult to get your foot in the door. Why not upload your work to show off your talent and let employers and clients come to you?

Got a short film you’ve made with some university friends? Want to be a journalist and have written mock articles to demonstrate your skills? Or maybe you want to be a radio producer and have made a podcast to show off to employers?

Starting off a career in the creative industries is difficult. Here you can upload your work whether it may be a video, script, podcast or a fictional novel will be seen all over the world.

This is the new one stop shop for employers or collaborators to search for the talent they need to turn a project from a great idea into an amazing reality.

If you have an idea for a short film or need a photographer for a project them use this search tool to find the perfect cameraman or actors.

Actors can upload their showreels to demonstrate their talent in order to get themselves noticed for television, film and theatre work. They can also find student films to take part in to hone and practice their skills.

Writers: Upload whole novels, short stories, scripts and articles to get your writing talent spotted by the wider creative world.


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